If you are having a Barbecue in the Garden:

PleaseĀ …….


    • Don’t put it on the benches or tables or on the grass (it burns it, even if the barbecue is slightly raised). The best places are on the gravel paths or on the concrete slab near the West gate.
    • Be aware that any food left behind attracts rats and encourages foxes to scavenge and scatter it around and noone wants that!
    • Clear up all your mess, including barbecue trays, afterwards and take it home with you. If you have to put anything in the bin ensure that it is properly wrapped against predators and that the bin lid is secured.
    • Don’t put the ash on the flower beds.
    • Douse the charcoal with water from the taps at the North or South ends of the Garden. People have been known to go away leaving behind their still-burning barbecues!
    • If your barbecue is too hot to take away when you leave the Garden, please come and collect it later on or the next day.


NOTE: Any barbecues or other equipment left in the Garden will be disposed of by the gardeners (don’t say we didn’t warn you!)