The Garden Committee, composed entirely of volunteers, is unable to provide a warden service for the garden. If you happen to observe or be disturbed by incidents of the kind described below, please contact the relevant body to report them. If Garden Committee Members happen to be in the garden when incidents occur, they will of course take action. In the case of minor infringements of the garden bye-laws – for example, people dropping litter or putting barbecues on the grass, dog owners not picking up, children picking flowers etc. – please feel free to intervene politely, pointing out that this behaviour is not appropriate.

Intruders, trespassers

If you see anyone climbing over the railings or in the Garden who plainly should not be there, please call the Police on either of the numbers below and ask them to deal with the trespassers. You will need to meet the Police when they arrive to let them into the Garden.


020 7376 1212 or 020 8246 0621

ask for the Kensington Control Room

Excessive noise

If you are troubled by excessive noise in the Square, call the Council’s 24-hour noise and nuisance line (see below) and ask them to send a team to deal with the offenders.


020 7361 3483 or 3484

Please help to keep the Square a pleasant place for everyone who lives here.