Dogs in the Garden

The Garden Committee works extremely hard to make and keep the Garden as a pleasant, peaceful and beautiful haven for all its users. It is one of the few gardens in the Borough which, as a special privilege, continues to allow a limited number of dog owners to take their dogs into the Garden. All such dogs have been “interviewed” and checked by the Dog Sub-Committee to ensure that they are well behaved and safe with children, people and other dogs. Any dog which has been authorized to be taken into the Garden must wear a yellow, octagonal , numbered disc to show that it has been approved. These discs are unique to Nevern Square Garden and are issued by the Key Secretary, for a small payment, when a dog has been approved. Owners of all authorized dogs have to agree, in writing, to abide by the Dog Rules set out below and it is incumbent upon them, and indeed, the Committee relies upon them, to pick up all dog mess, bag it and dispose of the bags in the bin provided in the south-east corner of the Garden. There is a plastic scoop under the bin in case an owner forgets to bring a bag. The Garden is not a dog loo!!!!

Under the Garden Bye-laws any dog causing, or in the opinion of the Committee, likely to cause, a nuisance of any sort, may be banned from the Garden. If an owner continues to take a banned dog into the Garden the Committee may take action under Section 10(1) of the Bye-laws.

Unauthorized dogs are not allowed in the Garden, even when accompanied by an authorized dog or a keyholder. However well-behaved a particular dog might be, no unauthorized dog is allowed into the Garden.

Dog Rules

These Rules define the conditions for the admission of dogs to Nevern Square Garden and set out the accepted norms for the control of dogs by their owners when in the Garden. They aim to the foster peace and harmony of the entire community of Garden Members using this much appreciated amenity. The rules were approved by the Garden Committee on 24 August 2006, and agreed and approved at the AGM held on November 21 2006.

Applications for the admission of dogs to Nevern Square Garden

  1. All key-holding residents (whether levy-payers or subscribers) may apply to bring their dogs into the Garden. Applications should be made in writing to: The Dog Owners Sub-Committee, c/o Hilary Parsons, 3 Turneville Road, London W14 9PS. Dog owners must have received authorization from this Sub-Committee to bring their dogs into the Garden; key holders do not have an automatic right to bring in dogs.
  2. Applicants will be required to complete a form with particulars of their dog and usual vet, and to supply a full vaccination certificate. All dogs and their owners will be interviewed by two or more members of the Dog Owners Sub-Committee, who will have to be satisfied that the dog will not represent a nuisance to Garden users or other dogs and that the owner is able to control the dog adequately.
  3. Owners of authorized dogs will be required to purchase from the Dog Owners Sub-Committee a disc showing their dog’s assigned Dog Number which must be attached to the dog’s coIlar whenever it is in the Garden.
  4. All authorized dogs will be subject to a probationary period of three months, after which the authorization will be confirmed. However, the Committee reserves the right to ban the dog at a later stage if the owner does not adhere to the norms set out below.
  5. The number of authorized dogs belonging to any one key-holder or key holding household may not exceed two at any time.
  6. If an owner acquires a second dog in addition to an already authorized dog, the new dog may not be brought into the Garden until it has been interviewed, and authorized. Any key-holder who brings in an unauthorized dog will be asked to remove both it and any accompanying authorized dog and the Sub-Committee reserves the right to ban both dogs from the Garden on this or any subsequent occasion.
  7. On the loss or death or any authorized dog the authorization ceases and does not pass to any replacement dog in the same household. A new application must be made for each dog.
  8. Each year owners of authorized dogs must produce to the Dog Owners Sub-Committee proof of up-to-date vaccination boosters.
  9. If an authorized dog ceases to be brought into the Garden, the owner is asked to notify the Secretary to the Dog Owners Sub-Committee. As the number of dogs allowed to use the Garden is strictly limited, this will allow a dog on the waiting list to be interviewed and authorized.

Rules for dog behaviour in the Garden

  1. All dog mess must be picked up, bagged and the bag placed in the Dog Loo (next to the garden shed).
  2. If the dog behaves in a way which alarms or harasses other Garden users (especially children and people sitting or lying on the grass) it must be put on a lead immediately. Please remember that dog behaviour which seems quite harmless to you may be frightening for people who are not used to dealing with animals.
  3. If the dog behaves in a way which threatens another dog present in the Garden or alarms the owner of another dog it must be put on a lead immediately.
  4. Dogs must be kept off the flowerbeds. Apart from damaging the plants, the gardeners have to clean up dog mess, and that is unpleasant for them. Additionally, there may be rats and foxes behind the shrubbery, which may bite a dog.
  5. Dogs must be kept out of the sandpit. Dogs think of sand as a loo, and in turn the scent encourages other dogs.
  6. Dogs must not be allowed to dig holes in the lawn or soil. They are dangerous to walkers and take time to refill and reseed.
  7. Dogs may not be brought into the Garden by children under the age of 13.
  8. Owners must have a lead with them when they bring their dogs into the Garden.
  9. Dogs must not be allowed to worry people, children or other dogs. If an owner suspects that his/her dog may do so, please put the dog on a lead when others are in the Garden. Dangerous dogs may be reported to the Police.
  10. Dogs must be kept on a lead when in the Garden after dusk – an extending lead is recommended – as you may not be able to see where your dog has fouled.
  11. The Committee establishes restrictions on the hours in which dogs may be brought into the Garden in the months from April to October in order to reduce disturbance to other Garden users and especially children: these are indicated on the Garden notice boards.
  12. If a dog or dog owner fails to comply with these rules, their dog authorization will be suspended and, possibly, the dog banned. Serious incidents may lead to prosecution under the Garden Bye-laws.
  13. In the interests of all dog owners, please do your best to observe these rules; often the negative behaviour of just one dog or its owner can spark off criticism of the entire community of dog owners.