Parties in the Garden

You are very welcome to hold small parties in the Garden for your friends. If you expect to have 15 or more people please inform the Garden Committee at least 145 days beforehand by contacting our Garden Secretary by letter or email.

You should specify the date and timing of the party and the number of people you expect to come. This is also in your interest since Hilary will be able to tell you if anyone else is planning a party for the same date (and thus competing for the use of tables, etc.) or, very infrequently, if the Garden is be available for parties on the date you have chosen. On very rare occasions, it may be that more than one other keyholder has requested permission to hold a party in the Garden on your date and there will not be sufficient space for yours.

When you have a party, please be considerate towards other Garden users:

  • If you have a barbecue, put it on the gravel path
  • Remember that playing music is not allowed under the Garden Bye-laws
  • Try and keep the noise level within reasonable limits
  • Do not leave the Garden gates open
  • Take your rubbish home with you (including barbecues)
  • Pick up any cigarette ends, bottle caps, corks etc. which have ended up on the grass (they do not melt into the lawn!)